Chelsie Kyriss leaked snapchat story on twitter and reddit video

Chelsie Kyriss leaked snapchat story on twitter and reddit video
leaked snapchat story on twitter and reddit video

leaked snapchat story on twitter and reddit video

Antonio Brown, whose Snapchat account has been suspended, is reportedly under investigation after the former Bucs recipient posted explicit photos of his child’s mother, . The controversial former NFL star went too far when he shared a photo of Kyriss performing oral sex on a bed. The post was removed before TMZ reported that Snapchat had suspended his account.

“I reported his page and all the pictures,” Kyriss told TMZ. “Unfortunately Snapchat allowed him to retweet. I feel so sorry for one of your kids who followed him and used to look up him as a role model. “I don’t condone these behaviors as you know I involve children too. “

Kyriss is the mother of Brown’s four children. Snapchat, a photo-sharing platform that allows images to disappear after a certain amount of time, has a clear policy against pornography.


Instead of apologizing or trying to avoid social media entirely after his latest controversial episode with Brown, he shared his thoughts on Twitter, calling himself “somewhere between a psychopath and an icon.”

Brown and his Snapchat account made headlines last November after mocking his former teammate Tom Brady. Without any explanation, the former NFL wide receiver shared a clear photo of Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen posing nude on another woman.

His interest in Brady’s divorce from Bundchen after 13 years of marriage extends to other bad attempts at Photoshop, including his adding his own face to a photo of Brady being hugged from behind by Bundchen. Brady and Brown played together with the Buccaneers, and Brady never seemed to have any issues with his old teammates, prompting social media digs

Back in October, Brown was asked in an interview with Patrick Bett David why he repeatedly tried to torture Brady with fake photos of him. “I don’t crush his girls, I don’t know his girls,” said Brown, 34, before Bate David interjected: “I’m not going there”. Brown continued, “People are going through divorce every day. And me? What if I’m on the news and people say I’m crazy?” It’s just a Super Bowl photo. His divorce is his private life, and I have nothing to do with that brother. You’ll never understand much of what I said tonight.

“If I tell you what I’m thinking and you can find out what I’m thinking, how can I make you understand? Just so you can put what’s respectable and what’s not?” Brown continues to piss off Brady on social media, and in 2021 Posted a text message purportedly from his former Pirates teammate in May

In November, Brown reignited his seemingly one-sided feud with Brady via his infamous Snapchat account. “You made a really bad decision and miscommunicated with so many people who did everything they could to help you,” Brown’s message on Snapchat began.


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