Machine Gun Kelly Reveals How His Fiancé Megan Fox Was His Inspiration Behind His New Film “Good Mourning”

Machine Gun reveals a funny story about how his fiancé was his inspiration who inspired him to make his new film “Good Mourning.” The rapper revels the actual inspiration behind the film and says that his latest film was an inspiration what he mistook for a breakup text from his fiancé Megan Fox.

With this film Machine Gun has made his directorial debut, the rapper has co-written and co-directed the film along with his close friend and musician Mod Sun. the rapper reveals his real inspiration behind the making of this film and said, “I wrote the movie for her because she was the unknowing cause of the spiral.” MGK further says, “She texted me like in the movie,” during the premiere of the film that took place this week.

MGK further said, “[My character] spirals over a text that he doesn’t really understand and he can’t get a hold of her, and that was what was happening to me.”  The 32 year old rapper, claimed that he had “written so many songs” and utilised “all these other outlets” to cope with heartbreak, so he wanted to do something new this time.  He further coded, “I was, like, spiraling so hard. I needed somewhere else to go with it,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘I’m just gonna write a movie.’”

MGK even said that he thought Megan had broken up with him, and that freaked him a lot, to get off from the situation he along with his friend decided to turn all this into a film storyline. The rapper says this is how the film happened. The main plot and the story line of the film revolves around, a story of a film star which is essayed by Kelly, whose world turns upside down by a breakup text, and further he faces the choice in between going after his love or getting life-changing role in a major film.

The Film Also Stars Many Big Names From The Film Industry

However at the end it came up that all this was a very big misunderstanding, as the rapper reveals, “And then me and Megan talked. She was like, ‘All of this is in your head. What are you talking about?’” after hearing all this Kelly said, ‘oh, well I wrote this movie, so…’” While talking about the film, it stars Fox, Dove Cameron, Becky G, Whitney and Pete Davidson.

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