Mahalia – Letter To Ur N(ex)t

Mahalia Pens A Letter To Her Former Lover's New Boo On "Letter To Ur N(ex)t"

Mahalia - Letter To Ur N(ex)t

’s 5-track “Letter To Ur Ex” EP arrived on Friday.

Seeing as titled her new EP, Letter To Ur Ex, we were expecting to hear some songs about heartbreak, but the title at the end of the tracklist – “” – where the R&B star pens a letter to her former lover’s new boo, is an emotional standout.”Woman to woman / You gotta run, baby, just like I wouldn’t / You gotta go, baby, just like I couldn’t,” she sings, warning the new woman in his life. “Before you’re caught in this drama, drama, drama, drama / I don’t wanna sound like a bitch, no, I don’t wanna / But if you carry on like this, you gon’ get your karma / Take it from a girl who’s already been through the trauma.”

Other titles on the 5-track EP include the previously released “In The Club,” and “Whatever Simon Says,” as well as another new tune called “Forever.”

Stream the full Letter To Ur Ex project here, and tap back in with HNHH later this afternoon to stream our latest R&B Season update.

Quotable Lyrics:

Never gave an explanation, not a text, not a, “Goodbye”
Not a, “Sorry”, not a, “Love you”, not anything
So respectfully
I don’t owe you anything but
Woman to woman
You gotta run, baby, just like I wouldn’t
You gotta go, baby, just like I couldn’t


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