NBA Youngboy Tells Atlantic To Ban YouTubers From Using His Music, Disses His Label

NBA Youngboy doesn’t want his music being used by YouTubers anymore.

NBA Youngboy continues to amass great success following the release of albums, Colors, and The Last Slimeto Sampler, while remaining an outlier. As we reported back in March, he accumulated over 10 billion views on YouTube in the first quarter of the year and reigned as the #1 artist on Youtube up until last week, when Future dropped. Nonetheless, the Baton Rouge native reportedly makes $17 million yearly from his channel. While much of YB’s success has been relegated to YouTube, he shared a disapproving message to his fellow YouTubers via the Never Broke Again LLC account on Sunday night.   

The IG story read: “Atlantic ban my music from all Youtubers – get a real job.” Due to his popularity on YouTube, it makes sense that creators would opt to use his music in their videos.


The post concluded with a somewhat cryptic message, as Youngboy added: “ha ha ha ion like you neither wait on my funeral.”

After the IG story was shared and speculation began to run rampant, DJ Akademiks shared a voice recording of Youngboy saying that Atlantic Records tries to make all his posts about them in order to sue him– possibly alluding to the “ha ha ha” bit from his IG story. He goes on to say,  “Tell them people suck my d**k, leave me alone b***h, ain’t nobody talking about yall, I hate yall, b***h. I hate y’all more than y’all hate me.”

In 2016, Youngboy signed a 5-album deal with the record label that was worth $2 million. YB’s deal quickly became notorious for just how bad it was. Youngboy soon realized how lopsided the deal was and tried to gain compensation by acquiring his masters. Atlantic declined. Thus, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Youngboy frequently voices his disapproval of the label.  

Earlier this year, he spoke out on Atlantic Records by comparing his time with them to slavery and advising other artists to avoid signing with the label. He also called out the label for “blackballing” him, claiming that they took his album, Colors, off the chart after it charted at #1 for 2 weeks.

Youngboy is set to release his new album The Last Slimeto, on August 5.


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