New Filtered photos of Ángela Aguilar very affectionate with the composer Gussy Lau, 15 years older

New Filtered photos of Ángela Aguilar very affectionate with the composer Gussy Lau, 15 years older

New Filtered photos of Ángela Aguilar very affectionate with the composer Gussy Lau, 15 years older

New Filtered photos of Ángela Aguilar very affectionate with the composer Gussy Lau, 15 years older Despite the fact that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter announced that she is currently not in a sentimental relationship, some photos may indicate the opposite. Although Angela Aguilar prefers to keep Her private life out of the spotlight, she has highlighted that she was in love with William Levy when she was younger, her relationship with a man several years her senior. Some photos have surfaced showing the relationship. hers romance… hers.


The famous Mexican singer has appeared in several photographs published on Twitter by the user “Reina Venenosa” in which the young woman is seen with the musician Gussie Lau, confirming a relationship between the two. The supposed boyfriend of the 18-year-old singer He joined Pepe Aguilar’s team in March 2021 as part of the Equinocio Records staff and has been close to the singer ever since.

After leaked images revealed that the musician was 15 years older than Ángela, some admirers of Flor Silvestre’s granddaughter referred to an old video in which the musician denied any romantic interest in the so-called “Princess of Mexico.” . “.“Do you want to go out with Angela Aguilar?” they asked “Angela, Annelis, Leonardo, if she is a woman. Why? Too easy. Pepe Aguilar is my boss. I saw him, he is two meters tall and he is doing something for one of his children. shut up, he’s going to screw you, you can’t find another one to hit you, ”he said in a clip belonging to Insta Stories.

According to the account that posted the images, the young man who appears next to the heir to the Aguilar dynasty is the composer René Humberto Lau Ibarra, known in this medium as “Gussy Lau”, 33 years old, who already has an important musical career. of recorded music “Well, this photo of Ángela Aguilar with her boyfriend Gussy Lau, a Mexican composer, came to mind. Pepe Aguilar not at all, but take care of his princesses because the young man does not have a good reputation, it is said that he throws the dog at everything that moves, ”the account said.

Gussi has won Spotify, Billboard and Latin Grammy Awards for his work and has been part of works such as Christian Nodal’s De los besos que te di. Among the many disappointments in the 50 caliber; “I forgot tonight” performed by Juleon Alvarez; And they said wrong among about 100 other songs that distinguished him in the industry.

About 65 of his works can only be found on the website of the Association of Writers and Composers of Mexico (SACM). However, some netizens point out that the composer has been dating a woman named Itzel for years. So far, neither Angela nor Goodsey have posted anything about a photo where the two are very close and their lips are close together.

And it is that a few days ago, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter revealed in an interview that one of the lovers had sent her more than a thousand roses at her hotel and at her concert, which was part of the Mexican Love Tour in the United States. Although she refused to talk about the identity of the mysterious hero at the time, it is now known that this mysterious hero is René Humberto Lao Ibarra.

Gussy Lau is also a composer of some of Angela Aguilar’s best songs. This song made him very famous in the world of music. Originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, the son of a Korean father and a Sinaloan mother, he began working with Pepe Aguilar last March when he appeared in a YouTube video of himself.

In addition to the awards he has obtained for his musical work, the young musician has also received regional recognitions such as Distinguished Mocoritense, Granito de Oro and Winning Minds.

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