Top 5 Best characters from ‘Blood Sisters’ that got fans buzzing

The Biyi Bandele and Kenneth Gyang directed series appears to have redeemed the streamer and production company with rave reviews from fans pushing it to top 10 spots in over 20 countries including the UK.

‘Blood Sisters’ appears to have earned its spot as a top favourite largely for its memorable performance. Based on Twitter fan reaction, we compiled a list of five favourite characters from the show.

1. Ramsey Nouah as Uncle B

Take us back to the early 2000s for a brief glimpse at Ramsey the lover boy slash knight in shiny armour. Fast forward to 2022 and it’s a totally different Ramsey. The Nollywood veteran is now the perfect villain picture and probably why Uncle B remains one of the show’s favorites.

In-house mercenary Uncle B had very few words but effortlessly kept the fans wanting more.

2. Kehinde Bankole and Gabriel Afolayan as Olayinka and Femi

Both Bankole and Afolayan are powerhouses deserving of accolades but for the purpose of ‘Blood Sisters’, there is no separating them.

The Bonnie and Clyde of the series gave so much to their characters. A great deal of the fan love is of course based on their steamy scenes. The untypical Nigerian onscreen couple became an instant favorites for their ‘woto woto’ skills (turn to Twitter NG for translations).

3. Genoveva Umeh as Timeyin

‘Blood Sisters’ breakout star, Genoveva Umeh snuck into the hearts of the show’s fans for her striking performance. The British-Nigerian actress plays the drug addict, black sheep who finally exerts the much deserved justice on the Ademolas.

4. Ini Dima-Okojie as Sarah and Nancy Isime as Kemi

One of the reasons ‘Blood Sisters’ continues to receive accolades is its cast. The casting director(s) understood the assignment and went on to deliver. Nollywood stars Nancy Isime and Ini Dima-Okojie play bestfriends on the run after Kemi (Isime) accidently kills Sarah’s abusive fiancé.

The chemistry between Isime and Ini is so palpable that it ensures fans are glued for the nearly four-hour ride of the miniseries.

5. Wale Ojo as Officer Chicago

Twitter fans think there is an uncanny resemblance between actor Wale Ojo and former presidential aide Reno Omokri. The resemblance has controlled conversations about Ojo’s Officer Chicago character.

An IJGB (I Just Got Back) police officer (you hardly find them in real life), the character maintains an enigmatic feel that captures and maintains the interest of fans of the show.

‘Blood Sisters’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

Dreya Roland

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