Watch Chainsaw Man 118 Leaked on Reddit, Facebook, Read Part Two

Watch Chainsaw Man 118 Leaked on Reddit, Facebook, Read Part Two

Watch Chainsaw Man 118 Leaked on Reddit, Facebook, Read Part Two

On January 17th at 11AM ET, Chapter 118 of Chainsaw Main Part 2 will be made available. Viz Media is the publisher of Chainsaw Man’s second installment, which is available for free reading in all its gory splendor.

(Please be aware that the post that follows may contain The Chainsaw Man spoilers. Please continue reading if you comprehend this narrative or agree with it.)

Watch Chainsaw Man 118 Leaked

While the episode itself concludes on a bittersweet — dare we say positive — note, there is still plenty of sorrow and gore for readers gripped on the final page, hold your breath. The first half of Chainsaw Man caused many people to have existential crises. Breathe while you’re filming.

While the main character, Denji, hasn’t yet appeared, Chapter 98 concentrates on Mitaka, a quiet, friendless, but less enthusiastic student. The second half of the novel takes a complete 180 because it’s still gory but also kind of enjoyable. Bucky, her pet demon chicken, is in class.

At the conclusion of the chapter, Mitaka unintentionally crushes Bucky after developing a crush on him. A chain of events eventually results in Mitaka merging with the war demon.

Full Version of “Chainsaw Man 118 Leaked” Video

Yes, a lot of the aforementioned episodes were skipped. Yes, that implies that you simply need to read the most recent chapter on Viz to learn more.

Chapters of Chainsaw Man are often free for a week or so after publication. The user is then prompted to sign up for the website in order to unlock it.

You guys have a great Chainsaw Tuesday.

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