Watch Pellissard Leaked Video Viral on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Watch Pellissard Leaked Video Viral on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Watch Pellissard Leaked Video Viral on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Watch Video pellissard leaked on twitter, Amandine Pellissard criticized for her new career X

On Wednesday, January 18, Amandine Pellissard responded to criticism on social networks on her Instagram account … with her son as a replacement!


Amandine Pellissard can count on her son to defend her! The mother-of-eight has been a frequent target of attacks on social networks since she was on several seasons of Big Family: XXL Lives. Since her departure from the TF1 show, a wave has continued — she recently sued the channel — and started producing pornographic content on the online platform. Some criticized the woman in her thirties for embarrassing her child.

Amandine Pellissard will no doubt let go. So on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, she chose to respond to her critics in a story posted on her Instagram account: “To the haters, heart to you!”, she wrote in the video, We spot her son Léo in the video, in their kitchen. “You know when I do a story with you and people say you’re ashamed of me…are you ashamed of your mother?” the mother of the family asked her boy, who responded shyly, “No,” then She continued: “Do you love your mother very much?” and the teenager retorted again: “Yes, of course I love you”. Alexandre’s wife brings this home: “So you can say you’re not ashamed of me…” “No, I’m not ashamed of you,” he assured

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In an interview with her friend Jeremstar a few days ago, Amandine Pellissard also wanted to make a small point about her work as an influencer and its effect on her family: “I don’t take advantage of my children, I never take advantage of them. Plant The intrusive ads weren’t made by my kids, I made them,” adding, “I’ve never in my life used my kids as openly as some of the people on this project,” she said of other big family, “even having the child return to the program after being released”.

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